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Birth Story

Dear Helen, While you were being born, I was your Mommy’s doula.I wanted to write you this letter about your birth because it was so amazing.The most wonderful part of your birth was the overpowering love everyone felt upon your arrival.You are a lucky, lucky girl. You were due to arrive on February 14th, but it all started five days later, on Friday, February 19th. Your Mommy went to see her midwife for a check-up.Thankfully, the midwife said that you and your Mommy were both very healthy.However, the midwife noticed that the fluid you were floating in was a little low.This was a sign that it was definitely time for you to come!The midwife told your Mommy to stay at the hospital so the doctors could help bring you into the world.Around 3:00 in the afternoon, your Mommy called me to tell me all that was going on, and I got so excited!I told her I was going to get ready and would be on my way to her soon. While your Mommy waited, she got a phone call: your older brother, Matteo, was fee