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Intern with the Doula Project!

Doula Project Internship Description Organization's Mission: The Doula Project is an NYC-based organization that provides free compassionate care and emotional, physical, and informational support to people across the spectrum of pregnancy. We work to create a society in which all pregnant people have access to the care and support they need during their pregnancies and the ability to make healthy decisions for themselves, whether they face birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal anomaly, or abortion. The Doula Project has local and national programming. Locally, we organize and train volunteers on the doula model of care in abortion clinics. We place our trained doulas in clinics that we partner with and manage the relationship between the two. We also partner with an adoption agency and birth centers in NYC to provide free birth doula support to their clients. We organize monthly meetings for our doulas, which include skills-based trainings and a chance to talk about their experie…

Fall Spectrum of Choice Fundraising Campaign

Dear Supporters,

In 2007, The Doula Project created a model of care that seeks to advance a new vision of holistic pregnancy support: a doula for all reproductive choices. Since that time, our organization has grown from two to more than 75 volunteer doulas. These doulas have provided compassionate, respectful support to more than 30,000 pregnant people in NYC, and operate under the guiding principle that all people deserve compassion, care, and support, whether they choose abortion, adoption, or to raise their child.

Fall Spectrum of Choice Fundraiser
Join us for the Launch Party Tuesday, November 17th, 6-9p
Parkside Lounge  317 East Houston, NYC RSVP

Fall Spectrum of Choice

Our fall online fundraising campaign honors the decisions people make in their reproductive lives. Our fall campaign features our wish list representing crucial services that The Doula Project provides to our clients and needed support for the organization. Please consider supporting The Doula Project by picking an item…