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2013 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Last year, The Doula Project was named as one of the best non-profit organizations to donate to in The Nation magazine. That’s because since 2007, we have provided full-spectrum doula care to over 10,000 people in the New York City area, free of charge. In addition to providing free birth doula services to people who are not in a position to pay for it and to those choosing adoption, our doulas provide the same benefits to people choosing to terminate their pregnancies: pain management and relaxation techniques, information and education about pregnancy, and above all emotional support and empathy. Our ongoing partnerships with clinics and hospitals allow us to provide an entirely innovative service model.

Traditional doula services are often inaccessible to the people who need them most: low-income people and people without existing support structures. By partnering directly with health care providers, we become part of the clinic structure, seamlessly integrating support into our clients’ experiences regardless of the outcome of their pregnancy. In 2013, we directly supported over 3,500 people choosing abortion or experiencing fetal loss and over 50 births. We have plans to continue to grow our existing relationships and to partner with new locations in the New York City Area.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last seven years and we look forward to what the future brings! We need your help to do that. Your contributions are needed for ongoing training of doulas locally and nationally, expansion of our local NYC doula services to reach even more low-income clients, and stipends to pay our doulas for their critical services. The Doula Project is supported entirely by individual donations from people like you who believe that all women should have the support they need during their pregnancies. We believe that the work we do continues to be the number one reason to once again be considered one of the best-non- profit organizations to donate to in 2013!

The Doula Project is a 501C3, not-for-profit organization. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. You can donate online or send checks payable to The Doula Project, PO Box 5172, Astoria, NY 11105

Thank you from all of us!

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